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CortiCare: In-Home Ambulatory Video-Eeg Monitoring And Analysis Simplified

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Carl Tyler, VP of Sales, CortiCareCarl Tyler, VP of Sales, CortiCare As the guilt-ridden physician flung himself back into his chair in self-reproach, he exclaimed: “Oh my God!”

Having previously been dismissive of a patient’s claims about a neurological disorder, the physician had reluctantly ordered an in-home ambulatory Video-EEG study from CortiCare. During numerous routine and extended EEG studies at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU), the physician had not found any trace of the patients reported episodes. But there it was on the screen, a startling revelation as he identified a seizure episode in the 50th hour of the 72-hour Video-EEG recording. Thanks to CortiCare’s ambulatory EEG service, enabled with web-based, real-time access to live video-EEG recordings in the home environment, the physician was able to capture the patient’s event and confirm a diagnosis. One reason for the success of the in-home study may be that in some patients, the hospital environment creates a “hospitalization anticonvulsant” effect, a phenomenon that can reduce the likelihood of capturing seizure events, which in turn, can delay a correct diagnosis. In this case, the natural home environment triggered the patient’s convulsive behavior, allowing EEG recordings to gather the vital information required to diagnose and treat the patient accurately.

Over the last decade, CortiCare has pioneered and perfected the science and technology of continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring in the ICU, NICU, and EMU environments with its combination of expert professionals and secure, remote monitoring technology.

Over The Last Decade, Corticare Has Pioneered And Perfected The Science And Technology Of Continuous EEG (CEEG) Monitoring In The ICU, NICU, And EMU Environments With Its Combination Of Expert Professionals And Secure, Remote Monitoring Technology

The company delivers high-quality Video-EEG diagnostic studies via its team of EEG technologists and board-certified neurophysiologists using the company’s robust technology infrastructure and its proprietary CortiCloudweb portal with cloud storage. CortiCare’s In-Home Ambulatory EEG service includes everything from insurance preauthorization, patient scheduling, in-home EEG setup and remote monitoring during the study, to processing the study ready for physician access and report generation. “Our ambulatory EEG monitoring services driven by our unique CortiCloud platform, helps to reduce costs on the health system, wait times for patients, and deliver high-quality diagnostic EEG information to patients, physicians, care facilities, and hospitals,” says Carl Tyler, VP of Sales of CortiCare.

The company has definitely helped the healthcare system manage EEG services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic forced healthcare facilities to impose strict isolation protocols to ensure maximum safety. The number of trained onsite staff has been reduced to a bare minimum. Patients are also much more risk-aware and leary of visiting care facilities or hospitals. This, in turn, has delayed or restricted the EEG monitoring procedures being performed in the hospital-based EMUs. CortiCare’s in-home ambulatory EEG services provide a solution addressing these concerns for both physicians and patients.

"Our Ambulatory EEG Monitoring Services Driven By Our Unique Corticloud Platform, Helps To Reduce Costs On The Health System, Wait Times For Patients, And Deliver High-Quality Diagnostic EEG Information To Patients, Physicians, Care Facilities, And Hospitals"

CortiCare’s HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure provides its technicians and diagnostic equipment the means to setup and initiate Video-EEG recordings in the home, while supporting the ability to remotely monitor studies, identify any problems with the recording so that its staff can quickly address them to ensure a quality recording.

Operating nationwide, CortiCare continues to expand its reach and influence the lives of more patients and physicians across medical facilities of all sizes. The company’s track-record in remote cEEG monitoring has enabled it to evolve as an EEG solutions company, aiding the healthcare community to reduce the waiting time and improve the patient experience while ensuring maximum quality of the recordings for high clinical yield.

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Carl Tyler, VP of Sales , CortiCare

CortiCare provides ambulatory EEG monitoring services for the ICU, NICU, and EMU environments to improve care quality while keeping the cost and complexity in check for both patients and physicians. In the last decade, CortiCare has perfected the art, science, and technology of continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring in the ICU, NICU, or EMU environments with its combination of expert professionals and cutting-edge technology. The company guarantees accurate, incisive, and real-time insights because of its team of electroencephalographic technologists and reading neurophysiologists who use the company’s robust technology infrastructure that includes home ambulatory Video-EEG, web portal, and cloud storage.